Something Different

Based on my studies of the maqam system of Arab music, I created this chant for a group of women and recently brought it to a meditation group. There are 18 tones each time the prayer is repeated. Modah Ani (Modeh for men), is said right upon waking in the morning. It's from a time when people believed that the soul left the the body to sleep, just as in death, and was written as an expression of gratitude for the soul being returned to the body for another day of life. I also give thanks to Rocio Martin for her soulful percussion and artwork, and Taylor Maclaurin for mesmerizing animation.

Moda ani lefanecha - I give thanks to You

Melech chai vekayam - living and enduring Soverign

Shechezarta bi nishmati bechemla - for returning my soul to me in compassion.

Raba emunatecha - Great is Your faithfulness.


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