Quarantine Holidays


Quarantine doesn't mean nothing to do, but amidst this different kind of busy, I've done more music production. Among my projects were pieces related to to recent holidays. The first, a cover of Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love, I recorded months ago and Stefan Kukurugya was going to finish. He did some instrumental accompaniment but before he could finish. he became ill. Though he was declined for testing, his symptoms were worrisome. Fortunately he made a good recovery and jumped back into working on the piece to have it ready for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The second piece was impromptu. A friend recorded herself doing a piano improvisation (Pelin de Grasset of France, who did the improv in my Yo Menamori D'un Aire).I heard the beginning, and jumped into singing Como La Rosa en la Guerta, and recording. The song fit perfectly and I decided I wanted to make a video honoring Israel's Day of Remembrance (Yom HaZikaron). The song, which expresses mourning the loss of a daughter, is somewhat off the topic I showed in a photo montage, but I used it as a springboard to recognize the contributions of women in the IDF who devote themselves to training and engaging in combat.



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