Catching Up

My mom had some health problems, and for awhile I was sleeping on her bedroom floor. I have been working on a lot of new material (you can work through and arrange a lot of music in your head while lying on the floor), and not writing, not even about my amazing animals. Mom bounded back really well, just in time for a nice amount of travel and performance. Last week after I got back from the meeting of the Women Cantors Network, I was a little draggy getting out of bed. Habibi, in white, eats in his crate because he lets the cats (all 4)  steal food out from under his nose. So with my eyes more than half closed, I put his breakfast into his crate and felt an animal pass by. I closed the crate, pulled the blanket over the front the way Habibi likes it, and I went off to do some breath work. When I came back to open the crate about 10 minutes later, Habibi was waiting quietly as you can see. I questioned my sanity for a moment and then pulled the blanket down from the crate. There was the opportunist who took advantage of my sleepy state, and the empty bowl.

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